Youth and community substance use Prevention

The Missouri State Opioid Response grant supports evidence-based prevention interventions targeting youth in high-risk communities. Experts agree that effective substance use prevention programs must be well-rounded, realistic, and interactive. Gone are the days of “just say no” - we must work with young people to build resiliency skills and help them find strength and meaning in healthy activities instead of risky drug use.


Positive Action

Ten Missouri Boys & Girls Clubs are offering the Positive Action prevention curriculum, a social emotional learning program for children in late childhood to early adolescence (ages 5-14) focused on reducing drug, alcohol, and tobacco use. Click here to learn more about Positive Action youth programming.

Generation RX

NCADA in St. Louis and Community Partnership of the Ozarks in Springfield operate the Generation Rx programs for school-aged youth as well as a range of community members in their regions. Participants learn resiliency and coping skills as well as the potential dangers of misusing prescription medications through age-appropriate curricula. The Generation Rx program content and accompanying materials are publicly available online through a partnership between the College of Pharmacy at The Ohio State University and the Cardinal Health Foundation. Click here to learn more.