Pain Management Education

The Missouri Telehealth Network through the University of Missouri, Columbia, has expanded its ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) program to include interdisciplinary, effective practices for pain management in primary care. This Show-Me ECHO clinic is geared towards community primary care providers who primarily serve the uninsured and Medicaid populations in Missouri and are interested in learning more about topics such as the intersection of pain and sleep problems, the application of behavioral health approaches to pain, patient-centered communication strategies, and more. The Pain Management ECHO integrates medical, pharmacological and psychological considerations into the treatment of chronic pain.

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Project ECHO

Project ECHO is a program using telehealth technology to revolutionize medical education and improve access to specialty care. Developed by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Project ECHO works by connecting primary care clinicians with specialist teams via videoconference. Teams of specialists collaborate with clinicians on their particular specialty, enabling the primary care providers to provide specialty care to their patients. Each specialty area has its own ECHO, or team, such as autism or chronic pain. ECHO teams meet regularly to hear cases from providers and make recommendations.